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The coronavirus crisis is having a global impact on the economy and our clients are facing challenges they never thought they would have to face - but cancelling events does not have to be one of them. 


Bringing events alive in the Virtual Space is at the core of FlyOnTheWall's business. We can either manage any of the 'self-service' platforms, increasing the affordability of your event or create a bespoke solution, whilst at all times providing a managed delivery that ensures they work and are effective on the day. 

We will ensure the appropriate platform is used or ensure a myriad of platforms are seamlessly integrated. 

We will also ensure they are tested, contributors rehearsed, appropriate software is downloaded and connectivity is working. 

We will always ensure there is a back-up plan, so that a contribution never fails.

We can also take the resulting live feed and distribute onto other social streaming platforms or broadcast media.

Virtual Events


Live, Virtual and On-Demand Webcasting

We deliver onto public social streaming platforms as well as private content delivery networks & seamlessly integrate multiple functionalities. 

Public access or restricted, email whitelisting, token security

Q+A with moderation


Presentation material

Live and on-demand subtitling

Live and on-demand interpretation


Multiway Connections

FlyOnTheWall have a great deal of experience in managing simultaneous live event link-ups. We use platforms such as Zixi, SRT, QLStudio & SkypeTX to provide full broadcast or near broadcast quality depending on the system used. These solutions provide for a cost effective delivery utilising public internet connections. One of the key benefits is the low latency, making conversations between locations possible and increasing opportunity for live interaction. In addition individual contributors can be bought into the event and the output can also be combined with a webcast delivery for remote viewers to engage.  


Fully Managed Media Distribution

Global distribution to all media outlets

Satellite, fibre and IP trasport stream delivery

Regional standards conversion 




The team at FOTW have been at the forefront of streaming into and out of China for many years and have a wealth of experience and relationships to call upon to ensure your event broadcast effectively navigates both the technical and regulatory landscape. 


The FOTW ChinaCache partnership is at the core of our success with Chinese focused projects.  This decade long relationship enables FOTW clients to not only benefit from the support of China’s largest CDN provider but also to take advantage of accessing an ICP licenced streaming solution providing the regulatory approval needed to deliver content into China.


Founded in 1998, ChinaCache is the first and one of the largest content delivery service providers in China. More than 30,000 servers, 8.2 billion pages served daily, and 80 million unique IP visits per day make ChinaCache the leading CDN provider and the industry's most recognized name in China. ChinaCache is also the only China-focused pure-play CDN company publicly traded on NASDAQ.


Utilising private fibre connectivity from our London based MCR into Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing we are able to route broadcast quality feeds into and out of China, either for two way-links or transcoding and presenting locally onto all the most popular social streaming platforms including Youku, Tencent and IQiyi as well.