The team at FOTW specialise in providing a managed service, or providing the ‘production glue’ as we like to call it. We will work with all partners and ask the right questions to ensure there’s no ‘gaps’ in any multi party event delivery.


We look in detail at resilience and contingency, produce testing plans, event schedules, timelines and delivery schematics, all to ensure a seamless experience.

Live and On-Demand Webcasting 

Streaming live media onto the platform/s of your choice is at the very heart of our business. It is what we do and we do it well. There’s not a platform (including within China) that we cannot deliver your content too. We support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) on iOS and Flash across mobile and desktop, HDS, H.264, H.265, MPEG-DASH, MPEG-TS, Adobe RTMP, multicasting and adaptive streaming.


Usually we work hand in hand with our client's event agency or production company, to provide live streaming services, either on location or more often, from our UK MCR facility. 


Our preferred workflow is to deliver feeds from location, to our MCR, using available connectivity, backed up with bonded cellular services. Our MCR is serviced by dual ISP fibre circuits and has the latest hardware encoders. We are also leading the way with the rapidly developing cloud-based IP broadcast and encoding delivery methods. The facility is fully staffed and equipped with vision and audio mixing facilities, ready to enhance, re-broadcast or re-purpose any live event.


Where clients need a standalone player or microsite, we can offer an ‘off the shelf’ solution or one that can be adapted to their specific requirements, including functions such as; registration, calendar invites, password protection, interactive and viewer analytics,  all with unrestricted viewer capacity. 


Two way, multi-way live interaction

FOTW have a long and successful history in providing live link services across the globe. Whether it’s a remote location that requires a live relay, two locations that need to interact with each other or multiple simultaneous events that need to join as one. In the not to distant past this was only possible with either audio conference bridges, costly and restrictive broadcast satellite services or low quality video conference delivery. Using a combination of the latest IP transport stream protocols, codecs and encoding/decoding hardware, incredibility low latency, broadcast quality, live deliveries are being achieved.


As live event screens become ever larger and higher definition, contribution feeds from other locations need to match this quality. Feeds also need to be low latency, in order to facilitate interaction. We have a deep understanding of the production support required at each location and are regularly engaged at the concept stage of an event, to consult and advice.


Broadcast distribution and syndication

Alongside our webcasting services, the FOTW team has a wealth of experience in delivering broadcast services throughout the world. We have a close working relationship with a number of content delivery providers, enabling us to deliver live feeds to all major broadcast fibre hubs as well as offering a global satellite uplink distribution service.